About Ildne

Ildne is about delivery, inclusion and being secure. Let us tell you how we ignite the spark and keep glowing until the job is done.

Ildne leads employees and customers to mutual success. We are a future-oriented consulting company that supplies highly competent technical and project administrative resources for both Norwegian and international projects, mainly within the oil and gas industries and other onshore industries.

Ildne is there for you. Our employees assist you in all stages of the project – from studies, design, planning and projecting to installation, testing and completion. We work with long-term solutions that ensure stability for everyone involved.

Ildne takes care of the processes. All the needs are taken care of in order to reach our common goals. The key to success – and wellbeing – is good communication, open dialogue and interesting challenges.

Ildne choose the best. When meeting potentional candidates we always look for the best professional qualifications. At the same time we seek the extra ability and desire to do what is really needed.

Ildne keeps the best. We give our employees opportunities to extend their network and strengthen their work experience. Employees reach new heights through their own performance in various projects, with Ildne as their permanent employer throughout.

Ildne stands tall in a fluctuating market. We are a stable participant with a positive ability to change. The project flexibility is what provides us with security, whereas a high market mobility always creates new opportunities.

Ildne is based on solid experience. Our management has worked in the industry for a long time, specializing in the recruitment and quality assurance of skilled employees.
Ildne always has a plan. Clear strategies provide results, and every single step has a goal. We have great ambitions on behalf of everyone, and we work purposefully every day to reach beyond the goals.

Ildne knows the value of human resources. Everybody wants to be part of something, to be met, seen and cared for. Ildne builds relationships that count, and shows that we wish each other well.

Ildne’s values are the people. Human resources are our productive and creative abilities in a work situation.

Ildne is generous. Sharing knowledge is essential to succeeding, together. We give each other good tips and enjoy each other's networks. Our customers can ask us for advice, and we will always answer honestly.

Ildne never stops moving. We know that knowledge must be maintained and developed, and we invest in continuing education for our employees. We gather the best competence – and strengthen it. This is something that favours everyone.

Ildne knows the industry. We have worked there ourselves, and know the challenges. HSE is our highest priority, anchored in the company management. All employees know, understand and live by Ildne's HSE policy and our ethical guidelines.

Ildne takes responsibility for safety. Our HSE goals are as simple as they are demanding. We require zero accidents or near-accidents, zero work-related sick leaves, and zero lost time injuries. Our good insurance and pension schemes also create security.

Ildne gjør arbeidshverdagen smartere. Our systems are mobile phone adapted. This makes, for example, logging and approving hours easy and time-saving for employees and customers.

Ildne makes the workday more pleasant. The customers should notice our passion about going to work every day. Generous words and recognition for your performance contribute to a positive attitude and an inclusive workplace.

Ildne promotes physical activity. We encourage our employees to be active, and facilitate for health-furthering measures. Movement creates energy, and we know first-hand that it pays off.

Ildne means to ignite. Our goal is to create passion, motivation, inspiration and joy by making the right choices and development. We are passionate about getting the job done. Now you know who we are and where to find us.

We find the employee that the customer needs, and the employer that the employee wants.