How do you make your job application stand out from the rest?

To be one of one hundred applicants to a job offers you small chances of getting the job even though you meet the requirements of experience and formal education. Most likely the structure and contents of your resume along with other factors determines whether you get the chance of attending to an interview, says Aslak Gundersen, manager in Ildne.

How do you make your job application stand out from the rest?

It might be useful to get a second opinion with regards to your career opportunities and customize your resume to each position. Sometimes we see possibilities you have missed and may point out relevant experience, courses og elements from your education that we know is important based on our knowledge of the customer.

- To promote your personal qualifications is an essential part of our job and often determines whether you get the chance of attending an interview where you may promote yourself, says Aslak.

The recruitment prosess is challenging and demanding for every employer. It is important to find the right person for the job in order to create a long term relationship between the employee and the employer. Inadequate assessment of personal qualities are often a source of poor appointments. The importance of the working environment are often underestimated with regards to personal motivation and inspiration.

Our job is to verify the experience, education and personal qualities of the candidate through interview and references. In addition to our assessment we may use the personality profiling solution DISCus. DISCus is an objective way of mapping your personal qualities.

We use our assessment and the knowledge we get through the personality profiling in DISCus to your, ours and the benefit of potential customers.

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The photo on top shows the partners in Ildne from the left; Mia Holmaas, Aslak L. Gundersen, Knut Bjørnar Dale and Trond Nymark with the certificate after completion of the DISCus personality profiling course.