Qualified supplier in Achilles and Sellihca

We are proud of being an approved supplier in both Achilles JQS and Sellihca, says gründer and manager in Ildne, Aslak Gundersen.

- Achilles JQS is a proof of quality in the oil and gas industry. We have invested a lot of time and resources in order to establish QHSE-systems of high standards. It is important for us as a new player in the business to have high quality in every aspect of our work. Currently our main focus is to expand our customer and candidate base, says Aslak.

Sellihca is a supplier database and qualification system used by the nordic energy industry to administer supplier information and to perform purchases according to the EU regulations.

- Despite the fact that Ildne is a recently established company, the partners in Ildne have in average more than 15 years of experience from the consultancy business. We are confident that we are able to attend to our customers and employees in a good manner.