Knut Bjørnar Dale

The finesse

Based on experience from Norwegian industry, Knut Bjørnar will build a lighthouse that others within the business will navigate by.

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Knut Bjørnar Dale

Knut Bjørnar is partner in Ildne and has 20 years of experience within sales, administration and management. In periods he has also worked as an engineer.

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Ildne is based on solid experience, and the company knows the industry. Knut Bjørnar Dale has broad knowledge of the fields in which Ildne operates: – I started my career as a consultant, but quit in order to study engineering. After that I started a company together with experienced engineers, focusing on traditional industry and offshore. When I look back now I had 15 good years within the engineering field.

The ambitions are clear: – With Ildne we create an innovative platform that will please the employees and inspire our customers. We will be the lighthouse that others navigate by in the industry, he states.

The piece of the puzzle

As manager, Knut Bjørnar is certain that you have to be a solid judge of character in order to create solid results: – What motivates me the most is to confirm that people I believe in are the right people for the job to be done. It is inspiring to be the one to find the piece needed to solve the puzzle.

He elaborates: – My workday is about bringing the right people together. When the gut feeling hits and I enable the employee and the customer to meet on all counts – that is a good sale and a really good feeling.

Knut Bjørnar strives to ensure that Ildne's employees trust the consultants: – Through working in Ildne you will get to know colleagues who do everything they can for you to succeed. Everyone working in the company is appreciated. We shall be inclusive at all levels – this is crucial for the internal wellbeing and loyalty.

Ildne's knowledge benefits the candidates: – Competence from and about the industry enables us to see the opportunities within each candidate – opportunities that the candidate himself might not see, Knut Bjørnar thinks.

- A good consultant takes his work seriously even if it is like a breeze!

Knut Bjørnar Dale

– We want the best for each other

You are concerned with care within the organisation? – Yes, of course. We will show the way and become a template for how the industry operates. Every day we work towards building trust and creating growth. Both Ildne, our customers and the employees will grow, and everyone shall be able to trust that we want the best for each other, he says enthusiastically and continues:

– We listen to and take care of each one. I must see the needs of the employees. It is about seeing the totality of each individual colleague.

Knut Bjørnar points out that everyone should be able to be themselves when working with Ildne: – With that I mean that we, yes, shall be able to be ourselves. When we employ our employees we also base this on who they are as a person. Of course we give talented people a nudge, and everyone should always keep developing. But the starting point is important, and every employee should know why they were employed with us. It is our responsibility to communicate this positively and clearly.

He also emphasizes the importance of being able to ask each other for help: – Do not believe that you must know everything! This perhaps applies particularly to the young minds that are heading out into the industry. The brightest know that they become smarter by seeking out knowledge and, not least, passing it on. Be generous with what you know, and humble enough to admit that you do not know everything – but that you would like to learn..

Find the rhythm, empty your mind

What does the consultant do when the workday is over and the office light is off? – I find it important that everyone should find the space to renew their energy when they are not at work. For me, like many of my colleagues, working out is important. I am a “hobby triathlete" and swim, bicycle and run a lot. In the winter I do some skiing, such as Skarverennet.

But what about the resting heart rate? Knut Bjørnar has found his way to find tranquillity: – Salmon fishing! I have a fixed week ever year when I go salmon fishing. That week is sacred. Then I get to “empty my mind". He elaborates: – The remaining 51 weeks of the year are about family, work and everything else, while this week is about standing in a river. It is very liberating – not thinking about the tasks that must be solved, feel the adrenaline when it bites, the fear that the salmon should get away, the fight to keep it and the ecstasy at the end, he explains enthusiastically.

Is this when I mention that I am also a bassist, Knut Bjørnar interjects in conclusion. – I also gain energy through the music. I play many different genres, preferably rock – the music ignites a creative spark in me that I bring back to work Monday morning.

- When I look back now I had 15 good years in the engineering industry. Working closely with Norwegian industry has been and remains exciting.

Knut Bjørnar Dale

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