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Blood, sweat and tears of joy – few know better than Trond how good results feel.

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Trond Nymark

Trond Nymark is partner of Ildne and has an education within business administration. He has extensive experience as market coordinator, lecturer and motivator. Trond is a former race walker, among the world elite, and is used to performing at the highest level.

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Ildne is part of a competitive business. Ildne has high ambitions, and Trond has extensive experience in working hard and purposefully in order to create results that matter.

– I might have somewhat of an atypical background compared to others in the industry, he starts. As former top athlete within race walking, Trond Nymark is a familiar name to many: - I have had a long career as race walker among the world elite. Daily performance at a high level was crucial for earning a living. I am motivated by the opportunity to create visible and measurable results – I have brought these values with me to Ildne.

Are you willing to do what is takes to succeed?

As lecturer for the business world, Trond has repeatedly pointed out that business can learn from sports. Are prioritization and performance two key words? – Performance is something of an overused term, I think. In order to succeed you must prioritize and ask yourself: am I actually willing to do what is takes?

– As an athlete I experienced this time after time, but perhaps particularly after the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. I kept getting personal bests in the time leading up to the championship, but ended up not finishing the race. At those times it is easy to hit rock bottom, Trond admits. – But I had a goal, and that was the World Championships in Berlin in 2009. It ended up with a silver medal. I would never have succeeded if I had not worked extremely hard. I was willing to do it, and had a solid support system around me, which is crucial in order to succeed.

Perhaps it is correct that adversity makes you strong? – I have said in my talks that the best way to build confidence is to solve great challenges. So yes, there is some truth in that statement.

Clear expectations - no surprises

How will Ildne work at building the confidence of their employees? – Ildne shall be clear and honest. Some of the things that kill motivation is when people create expectations that you cannot fulfill. The promises that we give our employees are to be kept, and there should be no surprises when it comes to the workload and the length of the assignments. We shall deliver what we promise, and preferrably even more.

Race walking may not be your typical team sport, but Trond is very committed to good team spirit within Ildne: - Each and every one of us must perform in order for our company to succeed over time. I think we do this best when we collaborate and share our knowledge. What makes us attractive to the customer is precisely the sum of the employees' total competence.

– The opportunity to create visible and measurable results motivates me – this is a something I carry with me in my work at Ildne.

Trond Nymark

– A good consultant is adaptable and willing to change

Which characteristics do you look for when finding the right consultant for Ildne? – You must be curious about different environments, adaptable and willing to change. If you are to have a career as a consultant you must feel comfortable with changing employers at one to two years’ intervals. This way you will achieve extensive experience from different environments in a short time, and develop your skills – faster than you could have done by remaining in the same environment for 5-10 years.

- Ildne shall be a company where the employees can develop professionally and build their competence over time with several employers. At the same time Ildne is backing them as employer and secure advisor through many years. This creates mutual loyalty.

Change of pace

Is your pace just as high when you are not at work? – My spare time is mainly spent together with my family. Therefore it is important for me to be able to change my focus from work to spare time, and back again, quickly. Being available for employees and customers takes a lot of time for us as managers, and like the others, I get my motivation through physical activity.

The former race walker use, not surprisingly, his legs: - I bike or run to work and back home daily. This is my opportunity to reset both before and after my work day. Exercise was my work previously, so I prefer to use my “to work and back again” rather than my spare time to be physically active. After all, I know from experience that you need both physical and mental wellbeing in order to perform – both within sports and my current industry.

This does not only apply to Trond and the Ildne management, but for the entire company: - We want to facilitate for meeting in order to do something fun together, which involves some kind of physical activity, preferrably with good food and drink afterwards. Joint social meeting points are important, particularly for those of us who rarely meet our employees face to face. They are busy and often on assignments far away from Bergen, but they should enjoy themselves when we finally get together, Trond points out in conclusion.

– Each and every one of us must perform in order for our company to succeed over time. We do this best when we gather and share our knowledge.

Trond Nymark

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